Sunday, May 31, 2015

Extended Weekend Family Visit

source: High Line Hotel, New York's Chelsea neighborhood
I returned this morning from a long weekend trip to New York for a family gathering at the High Line Hotel in Chelsea. I shared a suite with big sister Cindy and Mom's younger sister Mary. As I get older, these kind of gatherings become much more meaningful.

It was a fun and memorable event, right down to the flights to and from New York.

  • No airport parking needed. Roommate let me park my car in his garage and gave me a ride to the airport.
  • No shoes, jacket or laptop to remove during screening process. TSA is under a trial prescreen period which expedites the process to get to the gate. 
  • Wide selection of in-flight entertainment. Flight time goes so much faster when there's a good movie to watch.

I only hope my next trip on a plane will be as painless.

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