Sunday, June 14, 2015

Storm Wipe Out bowling ball

source: Storm Bowling
Yesterday, I fought traffic on 19th Avenue to make a visit to my Inner Richmond pro shop, All-American Bowling and Trophy to order a new ball.

With an almost unused 2-year old $30 All-American gift certificate won in a league banquet raffle, a small raise at work and a birthday in 2 weeks, I decided to reward myself with a new weapon in my league arsenal, a ball from Storm Bowling's Hot Line, a 13-pound Wipe Out.

The Wipe Out will be my second ball from Storm. My first Storm and current strike ball is a blue and orange Tropical Heat, purchased in December 2012.

The coolest feature of Storm bowling balls are their scents. My Tropical Heat had a orange creamsicle scent, the Wipe Out, in spearmint.

This will be my fifth bowling ball since I began league bowling in 2008. My first 2 bowling balls were drilled with a conventional grip. Since 2010 (at Jeff's suggestion) I switched to a fingertip grip. Nearly all experienced players bowl with a fingertip grip.

So what's the difference?
Conventional grip - finger holes are fitted to the second knuckle.
Fingertip grip - finger holes are fitted to the first knuckle.

Think of a fingertip grip in the same way you'd shoot a basketball or throw a softball or baseball - from the fingertips, with a relaxed hold and a snap release.

I'll pick up the ball next week. Like I have whenever I get new bowling balls, I head to the lanes within 24 hours to practice with them.

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