Sunday, July 26, 2015

Makeshift Mosquito Net

Makeshift mosquito net materials
Last weekend, we had some hot and and very unseasonably humid weather for the San Francisco Bay Area.

As I live within a mile of Lake Merced and the house has no window screens, it makes me vulnerable to mosquito orgies. I have to be careful because my insect bites can really swell up.

When I was a kid in Ohio, I've had bites so bad my eyes and lower lip swelled to the point it looked like I lost a bout to Ronda Rousey.

Over the past 3 months, my attempts at non-toxic repellents included:

  • large salt shaker of mint leaves in the window sill
  • run a fan all night next to the bed
  • citronella bracelets on my ankles and wrists. 

They worked with marginal success.

At my condo on 8th Avenue, I bought removable/adjustable window screens. I can't use them where I live now because I have a large window (84" L x 48" W) that opens out like a door. I then considered buying a mosquito net that works like a canopy over a bed. That would have meant drilling holes in the ceiling to suspend the canopy. No.

A failed trip to Home Depot led me to JoAnn Fabrics. Had a light bulb moment. Buy mesh by the yard. Hang it up with large clips (see above photo) and secure it with velcro. I ended up needing only the large clips and mesh. Total cost = $10.

With the return to cooler, seasonable weather, a nightly spray of eucalyptus, mint soap and a slather of camphor/menthol ointment over the eyelids, I have been for the most part, bite free.
Mesh serving as mosquito net in bedroom window

For now.

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