Sunday, August 30, 2015

Andrew Frawley, 2015 World Senior Championships - Singles & Masters

Congratulations to Australian 10-pin bowler Andrew Frawley who captured gold in Men's Masters and Singles, and a silver medal for Team Australia at the 2015 World Senior Championships held at Sam's Bowl in Las Vegas.

Andrew may not be very well known in the United States, but he's had considerable success as an instructor and coach at the international level. 

A previous blog entry dated July 8, 2012 includes a series of videos "Learn to Bowl" Andrew made those new to the game. The videos were made several years ago, but the basics outlined still apply today.

If you've got about an hour, here's video of the Masters finals. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Madison Bumgarner - 2 starts, 2 wins, 2 home runs

source: Deadspin
It wasn't enough for San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner to attain 2 post-season MVP's in 2014.

This past week, Mr. Incredible/Paul Bunyan/John Wayne hit 2 home runs in his last 2 starts. His 2015 season-to-date total = 5. It's the most home runs hit by a pitcher since Carlos Zambrano (Chicago Cubs) in 2006.

Oh, and he won both those games too. For Giants fans that can't get enough, here they are:

August 16:

August 21:

Gotta love his home run trot too. Head down, no flash. Barry Sanders would be proud.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

PWBA, Week 6 - Topeka Open

source: PWBA
As I'm sticky, tired and listless from the heat today (86F in San Francisco, 99F in the Peninsula), I'm all about posting something easy. Below is video from last weekend's PWBA tournament in Topeka, Kansas.

Former Nebraska standout Liz Kuhlkin came in as the #3 seed. Liz defeated Clara Guerrero, Liz Johnson and top seed Danielle McEwan to claim her first PWBA title.

Great bowling and congrats to Liz!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

2nd Place for the 3rd Time

Friendly Trios Summer 2015 Sweepers Results
Results from this past week of my Wednesday night league summer session came in early this morning. Traditionally in league bowling, the last week of the season is sweepers. Highest scores of the night earn extra cash. While my series wasn't the personal high I bowled in the SFUSBC Women's Championships, it was good enough to capture 2nd place. 
SFUSBC 9th Annual Womens Championships 2015
Speaking of which, the official results from the SFUSBC Womens Championships came in. My goal for our team, Above Average, was to finish well enough to cash out. We did a little better than that. Team finished 2nd, and my singles series, 567 scratch + 189 handicap, also took 2nd place.  An added bonus, my series was the highest handicap score, which added an extra $20.

It's all good. Reality knocked me down a bunch of pegs when I bowled in a 6-game handicap and scratch tournament across 4 lanes yesterday. I realized immediately I was, appropriately termed, out of my league. 

The lane conditions and competition (2 of the bowlers are currently on college teams, most were scratch bowlers) were a lot tougher than standard league conditions. I bowled only 2 games above my average, 1 game at my average, and the remaining 3 games 20-30 pins below my average. I gained lots of valuable lessons from this experience.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

2015 PWBA Wichita Open - Stepladder Finals

source: Facebook/Hammer Bowling
A big congratulations to Stefanie Johnson who won last weekend's PWBA Wichita Open. You can see her in action here:
And it's now available on YouTube, here's the PWBA Lubbock Open finals match on July 18, featuring again Stefanie versus Jazreel Tan in the finals match.