Sunday, April 10, 2016

New Laptop and Tablet

source: Lenovo
Lenovo Yoga 11e
Last week both my 4+ year old laptops (Toshiba Portege and Sony Vaio) died. I spent hours deciding whether or not my replacement would be another laptop or get my first tablet. Must haves: portable, durable with a touchscreen and keyboard. Small and semi-indestructable for travel.

Touchscreen keyboards are OK, but I much prefer real ones. I type so much faster and accurately on them. It's one of the features I missed when I switched to an iPhone from a BlackBerry. I like touchscreens because I can touch the link I want immediately without using the arrow keys and touchpad. I want all these features - at a price below $500.

With those requirements, the sleek and very cool Apple iPad2 was immediately eliminated from consideration. Microsoft Surface was a strong contender, but the cost did not include a keyboard and was still way over my budget. To help me finalize my decision, I went to Best Buy after bowling practice for a test drive. For over an hour, I went back and forth between the tablet and laptop displays to determine what I liked best.

I decided to get the Lenovo Yoga 11e from Amazon. I upgraded to overnight shipping (thanks Amazon Prime) for only $4.99. Visually as a tablet, it's bland, thick and stodgy. Not exactly pretty in the laptop category either. However, total cost was $1200 less than the second Sony Vaio laptop I bought in 2006. After a few setting adjustments, I'm definitely using the touchscreen and keyboard in ways that work for me. It isn't perfect, but I can live with it.

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