Sunday, July 03, 2016

Team Singapore - 2 PWBA Titles in 2016

Bernice Lim, 2016 USBC Queens Champion
source: PWBA
Cherie Tan, 2016 PWBA Storm Sacramento Open Champion
These women are at it again. For a country with a population of just under 5.5 million (San Francisco Bay Area is over 6 million), they are dominating women's bowling. Two more from the Singapore Women's National Bowling team took 2 PWBA titles this season.

Congratulations Bernice Lim and Cherie Tan.

Here's Bernice in action
Source: YouTube's bosares

And here's lefty Cherie Tan:
Source: YouTube's Mousa Abdullah

Take careful watch of the audience in both matches. Teammates Jazreel Tan  (see June 3, 2013 entry) and Shayna Ng  (see May 20, 2013 entry) can be seen and heard cheering on their teammates.

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