Monday, September 05, 2016

2016 Chinese Japanese Labor Day Tournament

In 2011, I attended my first Chinese Japanese Labor Day Bowling Tournament. Since then, I've gone every year.

This year's trip was one of the more enjoyable trips I've ever had, mostly because it was the first Reno trip for my 2012 BMW 328i.

BMW's are always known for their handling and acceleration, so I knew the drive would be fine. The added plus was the updated technology in the car's onboard computer. I could play my choice of music from my phone in the order I wanted at full blast through the car's speakers.

I also talked a few friends from both leagues into making their first trip up this year. It was fun to hang out with them at breakfast, between squads, and at dinner.

I bowled 4 squads - 2 per day, doubles and team. Total pinfall, 1910. Tournament average was 3 pins above my season average. I'm proudest of the 3 split conversions I made: the 5-10 twice and the 3-7-10.

The tournaments have become the equivalent of attending a family reunion. I'll hear exclamations of "ai-ya" or "ni mo gow chaw" after a bad throw, and "ho yeh" and "ho laeng" after a good throw. It's what I used to hear at family gatherings, especially during mah-jongg games.

Many thanks to Jim Mars and his staff for their hard work. It's the best kind of recreation I could ever want - competitive fun on a holiday weekend.

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