Sunday, November 06, 2016

Eye Bags, Eyes Bag

PacSafe Citysafe CS 350, 2014
I spent most of yesterday focused on 2 words with 2 vastly different agendas: Eye and Bag.

1. Eye Bags - as in puffiness below my peepers due to allergies, touching or sad media stories, lack of sleep and middle age. I copiously scrutinized the face care aisles at CVS and Target for nearly 2 hours in search of the right relief treatment.

2. Eyes bag - as in search for a new handbag. 
Specifically, a backpack. The PacSafe Citysafe CS 350 I carry lacks the organized compartments needed for even distribution of weight in the pack (bottom heavy). I'd also have to grab the excess material from the top near the zipper in order to open the bag (see photo).

Must haves for all bags: durability, brand cache, carrying ease, AND, something that made me look like I had some fashion sense.

These were my strongest alternatives (so much so they were in my shopping carts):

source: Amazon
Michael Kors Kempton Nylon Tote, size M

Michael Kors Kempton Nyton Tote, size Medium. 

Pros: Nylon material, lightweight, easy to clean. 
Dual exterior pockets

Cons: No water bottle pocket, only 1-2 interior pockets for organization.

source: Amazon
Timbuk2 Commute Messenger, size S

Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag, size Small.

Pros: Lots of storage compartments, side water bottle pocket, durability, additional zipped storage within flap.

Cons: Look is too masculine for my tastes, bulky bag size.

source: eBags
Patagonia Mini Messenger

Patagonia Mini Messenger

Pros: Full storage access within flap, side water bottle pocket, durability, size.

Cons: Too casual.

After 10 hours and recharges to my phone and laptop from all the web surfing, I pulled the trigger. Bought the little sister of the PacSafe CS 350 I currently use - the PacSafe CS 300.

source: Amazon
PacSafe Citysafe CS 300

Cost - Amazon offers it for $20 less than most other sites. With Prime, I get free shipping and it arrives in 2 days. I also saved $40 using my American Express Reward Points and Amazon Gift Card.

Convenience - I carry it for everything. Work, weekends, travel, hands free, and makeshift defense weapon if needed. The CS 300 is 1" smaller with a shorter shoulder strap drop and has 2 additional zippered storage pockets my CS 350 doesn't have.

Once I get the bag, I'm fully aware I'll encounter the same issues with the CS 300 as I did with the CS 350. That's OK. I already know what to expect.

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