Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bowling Alley for Real Bowlers

Today's very rainy day brought out the kids and casual bowlers out in droves.

It can make Sunday practice for league bowlers a challenge.

We find ourselves on high alert for spilled drinks, food scraps, 5-6 people who aren't bowling standing on the lane approach, and, my biggest pet peeve - failure to observe lane courtesy.

Ever since I began bowling competitively, I've told a few bowling friends if I had tons of disposable income, I'd open a bowling alley just for bowlers.

Business model: run it like a gym with membership fees. Monthly, yearly, per game, 2 to 6 game packages for bowlers who can't commit to a conventional league.

Most importantly, the best way to weed out pizza parties: NO HOUSE SHOES, BALLS OR BUMPER GUARDS.

Leagues would be doubles and trios, special events would include no-tap, Monte Carlo (hit colored pins for money), mini tournaments, fund raisers, and special parties.

The concept may not be financially sustainable, but for me, it'd be the ultimate experience - bowling purely for sport.

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