Sunday, April 23, 2017

Relaxed Bowling Grip Pressure

source: USBC Queens
Carolyn Dorin-Ballard
Last week, I reached a new personal scratch series high, breaking the previous one I made 2 months ago. I also bowled 2 of 3 games of 200 or more.

This week, in the 6 years I've bowled 2 leagues, both teams are in first place. Monday, 1/2 game lead. Wednesday, tied. Position round for Monday night is tomorrow. Wednesday night league, next week.

I attribute this season's consistency to 2 easy adjustments my dense brain should have figured out years ago. Especially since the same principles can be applied to throwing a softball, gripping a bat and shooting a basketball - all sports I played long before I began competitive bowling.

Relaxed grip pressure and loose arm swing.

I couldn't do either until I added more tape to my thumb to maintain a snug fit. A loose fit forces a bowler to grab the ball and/or muscle the throw.

With some cool techno background music, here's how the elite women bowlers do it.

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