Sunday, June 04, 2017

Western Mediterranean Vacation - Norweigan Cruise Lines

source: Norweigan Cruise Lines
It's been hectic since I returned from vacation almost a week ago.

After a day at the office, it was back on the road with suitcase and laptop in tow to head to the greater Sacramento area (Auburn) to train for my new position at work.

When I returned from Auburn, it was the San Francisco USBC Championships yesterday and today. Considering I hadn't bowled in 3 weeks, my 9-game tournament average was still above my season (book) average.

I fully intended to write about the logistics of the vacation (the flight, hotel room, cruise ship room, food on ship, shore excursions at port, etc.), but I'm fried. Details to come in future posts.

For those of you that saw my vacation photos on Facebook and are interested in taking a similar vacation, I've included a screenshot of our cruise package.

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