Sunday, July 02, 2017

New Bowling Ball - Storm Match Up Solid

Storm Match Up Solid  - released June 16, 2017
With the fat payouts I got from 2 first place finishes from my Monday and Wednesday night leagues, it was time to give myself a birthday present.

I picked up yesterday a new bowling ball, a Storm Match Up Solid.

It replaces as my 'strike' ball the Storm Wipe Out (very similar colors) I bought for my birthday in 2015. The Wipe Out will still be used, but has been demoted to spare ball status.
Storm Wipe Out, June 2015
My first Storm bowling ball was the Tropical Heat, purchased in December 2012. It became my spare ball when I got the Wipe Out. As my bag carries only 2 balls and is stored in a car with limited trunk space, I retired the Tropical Heat when I got the Match Up Solid. Now scarred and scratched, the Tropical Heat sits in my study until I'm ready to part with it permanently.
Storm Tropical Heat, December 2012
All 3 balls - Tropical Heat, Wipe Out and Match Up Solid are from Storm's Hot Line, a lower mid performance ball line.

For me, the more expensive high performance balls are too aggressive for my controlled and straight bowling style. I need the control as converting spares and a few splits are very important parts of my game.

My shoes (also Storm, partially showing in the Match Up Solid picture), on the other hand, are in the premium line. I find them to be good value because the soles and heels if/when worn out can be replaced.

Admittedly, I am partial to Storm because most of my favorite professional bowlers are Storm staffers (Danielle McEwan, her boyfriend and recent 2017 PBA Oklahoma Open champion Marshall Kent, Liz Johnson, Sandra Gongora, Shayna Ng and Jazreel Tan - to name a few).

The coolest part about Storm bowling balls are the fragrant scents. Tropical Heat was orange creamsicle. Wipe Out - spearmint, and my latest and greatest, Match Up Solid - bourbon pistachio. Individual results vary on how long the scents last. Mine wear off pretty quickly. Probably because I bowl so many more practice games than the average league bowler.

Fragrant scents and fancy ball colors may not improve your game, but they sure do look and smell pretty on the ball return.

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