Sunday, July 30, 2017

Singer/Guitarist Michael Johnson, 1944-2017

Michael Johnson
I found out this past week one of my all-time favorite singers, Michael Johnson, passed away after a long illness at his Minneapolis home on July 25. He was 72.

To most that knew anything about Michael, it was his pop ballad, "Bluer Than Blue", released in April 1978, the same year I graduated high school.

Randy Goodrum wrote the song. Mr. Goodrum also wrote Anne Murray's "You Needed Me" and co-wrote Toto's "I'll Be Over You".

"Bluer Than Blue" was one of those songs that made me stop, turn up the volume and listen. It was sad, soulful, and sung with restraint in a powerful way. It became, and remains one of the most impactful songs in my life.

The song was on his first of his 5 albums (Michael Johnson Album) with EMI America. I bought all 5. After EMI America, Michael shifted his focus to country music.

To find out more about Michael's music history, go to his website,

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