Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Today is my 23rd anniversary of my move from Columbus, OH to San Francisco, CA. I actually arrived in San Francisco about a week earlier, but I consider my anniversary on the first day I started my job at The Sharper Image. This anniversary is significant because I now have lived in San Francisco half my life.

In 1983, I was staying with my cousin Wilgee and his then girlfriend (now wife) Amanda in San Bruno. About 3 weeks later, I found my first apartment in the Outer Sunset district. The rent was only $350/month, and I got a quick lesson in parking etiquette when I got a nasty note on my windshield. This was because my car partially blocked a neighbor's driveway. I got visitors non-stop for almost 2 years. It started with Cindy and Connie, Stan and his friend Ray, Mary, Sherman, and numerous other relatives.

For the first few years, my mom always hoped I would consider moving back to Ohio. Despite tight finances in the late 80's until mid-1993, I stayed put in San Francisco. The last time Mom ever asked me about coming home was immediately after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. I was actually on a plane that day to visit my family. She thought maybe the earthquake would scare me home. It did exactly the opposite. I remained glued to the TV at Cindy's house until 2 am, wanting to know if everyone I knew was OK. It became clear where I considered home.

I love my life here. I don't want to live anywhere else. I'm far from wealthy but I make a decent living in a job I really like. I share my life with a geeky car enthusiast and 2 adorable kitties. My dearest friend Lisa moved back to the area at the beginning of this year. I am a new homeowner in a wonderful neighborhood in the best city in the world. I have it about as good as it gets.

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