Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sony Vaio VGN SZ240

After having wireless access for less than 2 weeks, I've gotten spoiled and want more. I just ordered and customized a new Sony Vaio notebook tonight from SonyStyle.com. With leftover money from escrow, I decided it was time to fork out the greenbacks. Here's why.

1. My current Vaio is over 5 years old.
With the wireless card, access to the internet is still slow.

2. I lose connectivity at least 3-4 times a session.
Especially when I blog. It's been extremely annoying to see the connection window pop up throughout the session.

3. Customization enables to include only the features I want.
Features I don't want or need are piled on the notebooks I saw online and in stores. For the Vaio model I want, including only the features I want keeps the cost down (at least $500). This is exactly what I did when I bought my BMW325i, saving almost $3K in asking only for what I want.

Building the notebook will go into production on or around August 28. I should have the new notebook after the Labor Day holiday.

I know, I know, I said we'd buy a new dining table and office chairs. This is still our plan. But I couldn't wait anymore. I've been at the SonyStyle.com website everyday for the past week. I went to CompUSA in San Bruno yesterday after work to see the Vaio models.

I originally wanted the FJ series because of the fancy colors (raspberry, bright blue, green). But the FJ series doesn't enable me to customize with the Intel Duo Core Processor and Windows XP Professional. Then I was interested in the FE series because of the cost. But when I saw one of them at CompUSA, I thought it was big and ugly. The unit looked like an unsuccessful cross-breed between a Dell and Macbook. This is when I decided to customize.

So, finally, in the next few weeks, I'll have a new, much faster computer.

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