Sunday, May 31, 2009

Microfiber towel - Aquis

A few minutes ago, I ordered from a large Aquis towel. I first bought these as gym towels for my workouts at USF's Koret Center. These now hang next to my bath towel at home.

Why now at home? Well, for many years, I used 2 bath towels (1 for shampooing, the other for drying the rest of me). Because they are very large and hang on the same rack, they take longer to dry. Once I no longer needed the Aquis towels (my current gym supplies towels as part of my membership), they were sitting in my closet not getting much use. I decided to give them a trial run, reducing the bath towel count to 1.

It's been at least 3 months and I haven't gone back. I bring out a fresh Aquis towel and throw the used one in the wash. My weekly laundry loads are now a lot lighter (especially in the dryer) and don't feel so burdensome to do. I pull the washed Aquis towel out to air dry, which by the next day can be put away. I can't do that with a bath towel. While Aquis does sell towels specifically for shampooing, I buy their adventure (darker colored) towels because they don't show dye remnants after I get my hair colored.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My highest bowling score ever, 221

Location: Lane 23, Mel's/Redwood Lanes, Redwood City, CA.
Date and Time: May 15, 2009, 7:30 p.m., game 5 of 6.

Last night, I bowled my highest game ever. As seen in the picture, 221. This would have been the last game I ever expected to bowl over 200.

Why? A group of teens were put next to me (Lane 22) into my 4th game. They were clueless about lane courtesy. Most of them were standing on the lane. The youngest one, a boy about 11, stood in my lane and crossed into it several times. It wasn't until the same boy ran up and bowled just as I was in my approach, a staff member took the kids aside and explained to them their actions were distracting me. By then, I was steamed but was determined to finish the game and leave.

When I bowl alone, I often go too fast and don't pace myself. My highest scores have taken place with groups because I have to wait for my turn. I felt hungry and annoyed. I decided to order chicken tenders to help me settle down. Bowled a strike in the first frame. Nibbled on chicken tenders. Then 2 more strikes. Nibbled more chicken. The teens began to notice and got excited when I got to my 5th strike (5-bagger). Then in the 6th, 7th and 8th frames, I didn't spare or strike (open frames) but did get 8 pins each time.

Because I had 3 consecutive open frames, I didn't give much thought about reaching 200. Until I bowled a strike in the 9th frame. I then saw my score was at 191, my previous all-time high. I bowled 3 strikes in the 10th frame, clapped really hard and took a look at my final score. I got so excited I had to go over to the couple I see on Fridays and tell them my score. They both came over and looked at the scoreboard and offered their congratulations as well. The boy who bowled in front of me told me I was awesome. Snapped the picture of the scoreboard. Tweeted and sent the pic to Facebook.

I decided to bowl one more game, just to see how well or poorly I'd do afterwards. Not shabby. It was 181. Called it a night. When I was getting ready to leave, the staff member who spoke to the kids apologized about what they did.

Bowler chick, a la Wade Boggs, has arrived.