Sunday, May 31, 2009

Microfiber towel - Aquis

A few minutes ago, I ordered from a large Aquis towel. I first bought these as gym towels for my workouts at USF's Koret Center. These now hang next to my bath towel at home.

Why now at home? Well, for many years, I used 2 bath towels (1 for shampooing, the other for drying the rest of me). Because they are very large and hang on the same rack, they take longer to dry. Once I no longer needed the Aquis towels (my current gym supplies towels as part of my membership), they were sitting in my closet not getting much use. I decided to give them a trial run, reducing the bath towel count to 1.

It's been at least 3 months and I haven't gone back. I bring out a fresh Aquis towel and throw the used one in the wash. My weekly laundry loads are now a lot lighter (especially in the dryer) and don't feel so burdensome to do. I pull the washed Aquis towel out to air dry, which by the next day can be put away. I can't do that with a bath towel. While Aquis does sell towels specifically for shampooing, I buy their adventure (darker colored) towels because they don't show dye remnants after I get my hair colored.

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