Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Come to me, my pretty...

As Tweeted earlier today, I got my car back from the body shop this afternoon. The car was only gone 5 days, but I missed driving it so much. My rental, a Nissan Versa, wasn't a bad car. It has more headroom, trunk space, and higher visibility than my Bimmer, but it simply doesn't handle and drive as well. It's been my ultimate driving machine for the past 5 1/2 years.

Just a few things I missed: taut steering, the accelerating power and sound of the car's STRAIGHT 6-cylinder engine, stability, suspension, the firm leather seats, the lighted vanity mirror on the driver's side, thermometer (especially in summer to see the wide temperature ranges in the SF Bay Area), and most of all, the manual shifting. And because I would have to push the accelerator hard on the Versa to get decent power, the gas mileage wasn't that much better than my car under typical driving conditions. I know I'm among the minority that drive and enjoy driving stick shift, but for me, it isn't really driving without it.

Welcome home.

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