Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reunion & Anniversary

Today's date does double duty. In about 2 1/2 hours, Gatsby's in Gahanna, OH will be the destination of my high school's All-Class Reunion. My brother Sherman is in town this weekend to attend festivities. I seriously considered going, but wasn't exactly up for coughing up $350 to board a flight requiring connection to spend the weekend in a hot and humid climate.

Also today is my 26th year in San Francisco. I came out with Sherman and his buddy Stan in my 1980 Toyota Celica to what is now my beloved home city. I now have lived in San Francisco 3 more years than I did in Columbus. But I will always have fond memories of Columbus as the town where I was born and raised.

As Sherman always does after I've attended a reunion, he calls me for a recap (who did I see, what did he/she look like). This time, I should call him.

Saturday, August 08, 2009


Last week, I ordered for the first time my own color scanner (Canon LiDE 200) from Never really had much of a need for one. But since I've been in retro mode for the past year (30-year high school reunion, getting back in touch with classmates, relatives and former co-workers on Facebook), it was time. Plus I'd have at my convenience a fast and easy way to send documents online as well.

The family picture shown above was one of the first old pictures I scanned. I've had it for years, but now am only beginning to appreciate its real value. The picture was taken in summer 1965 in New York City. All of us are dressed impeccably, and my mom looks so Jackie Kennedy.

It then lead me to start putting up old pictures of current Facebook friends and family, tag them, and write a description of what was happening at the time. I've been so tickled to read comments about how these pictures have stirred up memories long forgotten and that my current connections to them directly links to my past.

Smile. Tag, you're it. On my Facebook profile that is.