Sunday, February 18, 2018

2018 PBA League Draft

eligible bowlers for 2018 League Draft
Two days ago, the PBA held their league draft. For 8 PBA League teams, they have to declare 3 bowlers from their 2017 roster that will not be included in the draft.

This leaves team managers to select 2 players to complete their roster.

On the left are the 51 eligible PBA bowlers for 2018's draft. Only 16 of them will be selected. Last week's PBA Tournament of Champions winner Matt O'Grady was the first bowler selected in this year's draft.

Among the 35 bowlers that were eligible for 2018 but not drafted were PWBA members Danielle McEwan and Liz Johnson. They both bowled on teams in 2016 and 2017.

In my opinion, 35 bowlers that aren't selected is too many. Based on the popularity the league has had since moving it to Portland, Maine, I'd like to see 2 more teams added to the league. And make one of them from the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you're so inclined, YouTube's Gutter Bowler posted video of the draft:

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Abacus: Small Enough To Jail - Documentary Feature Oscar Nominee

source: Twitter
Congratulations to Steve James, Mark Mitten, Julie Goldman and the Sung Family for their Documentary Feature Oscar nomination.

If you like documentaries and haven't yet seen it, I strongly recommend it. Despite my personal connection to the Sung Family, this is an excellent film. Yes, I've already seen it 5 times (see March 14, 2017 blog entry).

You have no excuses to say you can't find it. It's available on Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes and was featured on PBS's Frontline.

Here's the trailer:

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Stolen Bowling Equipment

source: Linds Bowling
Linds 2-ball roller bag

Storm Wipe Out

Storm Match Up Solid
Women's Storm SP2 (made by Dexter)
February 2018 has not started off well.
What started out as a persistent cough on Wednesday resulted in bronchitis.

The next morning, I walked to my car on my way to work and opened my trunk to find my laptop tote (thankfully no laptop in it) and Linds bowling bags gone.

My windows weren't broken nor was there any damage to the car. It's highly likely I forgot to lock the car after bowling Wednesday night. The neighborhood is relatively safe, so whomever stole my stuff took a careful look inside and saw the doors unlocked. It's my guess their first intent was to steal the car but couldn't because it has a stick shift transmission.

One bowling bag contained only extra towels and socks.
The other bag contained everything I consider necessary to bowl.
  • 2 bowling balls: Storm Wipe Out and Match Up Solid both in microfiber see-saws (covers and cleans the ball of excess lane oil)
  • shoes: Storm SP2 (made by Dexter) with shoe covers
  • accessory bag (tape, scissors, powder, cleaner, tape insert tool, shoe brush)
From the inside of my car, they took my tissue box, phone auxiliary cord, and car charger. 
What they didn't take: pouch of shopping bags, towels not in the bag, burned CD's of music, and my work cardigan.

What frustrates me most is that whomever stole my stuff gains to make little profit. I can't see custom drilled bowling balls and women's bowling shoes have much selling value on eBay or craigslist.

The Wipe Out bowling ball has special significance for me because it's the ball I used to bowl my first official 600 series last year.

After my Thursday morning appointment, I called Goody, my pro shop guy at All-American in the Inner Richmond to order a new ball. When he offered to price match whatever else I was going to order, I added shoes and a bag. He'd make sure they would all come at the same time as the ball, probably on Saturday, latest on Monday.

If it came on Monday, I'd have to take off work early to pick up everything in time for league with no opportunity beforehand to practice with the new ball. 

After I finished my order with Goody, I went to Amazon and ordered my Turbo bowling protection tape (mint and beige) and see-saws. Then to eBay to order shoe covers and tape insert tool.

My coughing got progressively worse Thursday afternoon. I called in sick Friday. I did a little work from home. Got the well-needed rest to help me recover. 

I called Goody on Saturday morning. Everything he ordered came in.
Here's what I got:
Women's Dexter SST 8

Storm Rolling Thunder bowling bag

Storm Match Up Hybrid

Tape and see saws arrived later in the afternoon. A phone accessory bag that was too big for my purse turns out to the ideal size to hold bowling tape and scissors.

Everything needed for league play is now in. The stuff not so urgent - shoe covers and tape insert tool come in next week. I'll replace the shoe brush at a later date.

If you play any sport long enough, it's a given you will spend money updating your equipment. I just never expected to update everything in 2 days. And put me out $500. 

With new equipment comes new features. For my shoes, side air hole vents in the arch. The roller bag, air vents in the shoe pocket and wide ass sturdy wheels. The new ball, also a Storm Match Up, is now a hybrid of pearl and solid coverstocks. My recently departed Match Up was all solid reactive resin.

Took the new ball and brought my Storm Tropical Heat back out of retirement this morning to practice. Glad I got some games in with the new ball. First game was a dismal 109. By the third game, the ball got broken in nicely. My high game for the day was 194. 

I have yet to replace the laptop tote. I spent most of Saturday morning online researching. It's been difficult to find one that has the pass through pocket (see photo with my purse attached to new bowling bag). 
It became a must have feature after I took the tote to Europe last year.

Baggallini purse with
pass through pocket
From here on out, I take everything out of the trunk when I get home. Benjamin Franklin said it best, "an ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure." 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Dom Barrett - 2018 DHC PBA Japan Champion

Dom Barrett
Congratulations to Dom Barrett on his sixth PBA title, defeating Kyle Troup, 267-204.

Guest commentator Jesper Svensson has close ties to both bowlers. Jesper was Dom's Weber Cup teammate for the past 2 years. With Kyle, they won the Roth-Holman PBA Doubles in 2017.

My Ohio State color blindness couldn't help but notice the scarlet and gray on Dom's jersey and Dexter's HT 9 shoes (see August 27, 2017 blog entry).

This title was especially gratifying for Dom. As it was this year, Dom was the top seed going into the stepladder final 2 years ago. He lost the match to PBA Hall of Famer Amleto Monacelli.

Take a close listen of the ball roll. This bowling center has wood lanes - which are rare these days. My Wednesday night league at Classic Bowl in Daly City converted from wood to synthetic about 4 years ago.

Thanks again to YouTube's Gutter Bowler for posting the match immediately after the live stream on Xtraframe.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Chiwetel Ejiofor - Benedict Wong Trilogy

source: Andy Butterton PA Images
L to R: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Okoendo, Benedict Wong
The above photo is taken from a promotional appearance for the 2002 independent/international film Dirty Pretty Things. The men standing in the photo are actors Chiwetel Ejiofor and Benedict Wong. Mr. Ejiofor is a London native, Mr. Wong is from Manchester.

As an avid film goer, I've known for some time Dirty Pretty Things is not the only film Ejiofor and Wong have appeared in together.

Take a look-see.

2015: The Martian (see also October 4, 2015 entry)
film clip courtesy of GetYarn

2016: Doctor Strange (starring the other UK native named Benedict)
film clip courtesy of YouTube's Movies Fun

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Google Art and Culture App

Spent the past half hour playing with a fun new app, Google Art and Culture. Yes, it's available for iPhone too.

I got carried away with the app because I wanted a match to be at least 50%. As the app is brand new, don't expect too much. I was dismayed to see up to 36% matches with portraits of young boys and older men (I blame middle age and eye bags).

Phone's battery must have breathed a sigh of relief when I settled on Diego Rivera's Portrait of Dolores Olmedo with a 51% match.

The next highest match, 44%, is Nguyen Thu's watercolor.

To relieve your guilt of all the me-me-selfies you've taken, there's also lots of cool stories in arts and photography - the cultural part of the app.

Your gray matter will leave you with the big 'E' trio:
Entertainment, Education and Enlightenment.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

US Figure Skating Team Selections - 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea

source: Kyle Terada, USA Today Sports
L to R: Nathan Chen, Vincent Zhou, Adam Rippon
source: Kyle Terada, USA Today Sports
L to R: Mirai Nagasu, Bradie Tennell, Karen Chen
First blog entry of 2018. This past weekend, there was no shortage of drama in San Jose with the US Figure Skating Championships. What's most notable is that you can finish in the top 3 (as Ross Miner did in the men's championships) but not get automatically selected to the Olympic team.

As an American of Chinese ancestry born to immigrant parents, I am very proud that 4 of the 6 skaters selected to represent the United States are also American born to immigrant parents from China, Taiwan and Japan.

Congratulations to all.
Best of luck to you in Pyeongchang,