Sunday, September 16, 2018

San Francisco USBC Board Member

source: SFUSBC
On my way to Wednesday night league last summer, I was unloading my bowling equipment from my car when the current president of San Francisco's USBC approached me.

She told me my comments at a previous meeting open to league bowlers impressed her. She asked if I'd be interested in becoming a board member.

Surprised, honored and flattered I accepted. Due to a schedule conflict, I didn't become a board member right away. Meetings were taking place Wednesday nights, the same nights I bowl league.

This past November that changed. Meetings were moved to Sunday mornings. Perfect day and time as I'm already at the center for practice every week. Our most recent board meeting took place this morning.

In my capacity as a San Francisco USBC board member, some duties include:

  • Lane inspection/certification
  • Fund raisers 
  • Local tournaments
  • Management of sanctioned leagues at Classic (Daly City), Sea (Pacifica), Brentwood (South San Francisco), and Presidio (San Francisco).
As the 2018-19 season has officially started, I attended 3 league meetings last week (including my own) to introduce myself and briefly describe San Francisco USBC's role and upcoming events.

Being a board member requires time, dedication, and passion combined with a strong grasp of diplomacy. Not all that different than a full-time job. I find both roles very fulfilling and hope that I'll continue in both roles for a long time.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Hello Cinemark Movie Club

Shortly after I cancelled my Movie Pass membership, I enrolled in a new movie club membership, Cinemark Connections.

I chose this membership because most movies I watch are at Cinemark owned theaters. I can purchase in advance my tickets, choose my seats and have the tickets downloaded to my phone's wallet in minutes.

With Movie Pass, it required me to be at the theater to check in through the app, choose the desired show time, and then purchase the ticket with the Movie Pass issued MasterCard.

If I wanted decent seats, then it would require for me to arrive at the theater at least an hour before  show time. On top of the lack of movies eligible, this sealed my decision to cancel my membership.

In case you can't read the screenshot, here are Cinemark's Movie Club benefits:
  • One credit per month good for one 2D ticket.
  • Unused credits roll over and never expire when you're a member.
  • Pay just $8.99 for additional tickets.
  • 20% off concessions.
  • Waived online fees.
  • Earn Connections points for every purchase.
If you visit other movie houses on a regular basis besides Cinemark, this membership probably won't work for you. 

Monday, September 03, 2018

Goodbye Movie Pass

CineArts @ Empire West Portal
September 3 2018
movie times
As Labor Day 2018 comes to an end, I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday.

For me, it was my annual trip to Reno: weekend stay at Silver Legacy and a walk across the street to bowl 5 squads over 2 days in the Asian American Labor Day Tournament. I bowled well in yesterday's squads, including a 225 game in my doubles match with Leo. Hopefully it will be enough for us to cash out.

Today, it was an encore viewing of Crazy Rich Asians. I knew from the time I saw it 3 weeks ago I would see it again. I laughed and cried as much as I did the first time.

I paid for the first viewing by Fandango. As the movie just came out, it wasn't likely I'd have the option of buying it through my Movie Pass membership.

Three weeks later, I thought that would change. It did not.

First photo is a screenshot of today's movie showings at CineArts @ Empire in San Francisco's West Portal neighborhood.


The next 2 screenshots show why I cancelled my Movie Pass subscription today. There is only ONE of THREE films showing at CineArts @ Empire eligible on Movie Pass.

This was also the case at Cinemark Tanforan. After 3 weeks from its wide release, Crazy Rich Asians is still NOT available on Movie Pass.

If I can't see a new and popular film from Movie Pass, then my subscription is useless.

Sunday, August 26, 2018 -15 years of the hapa project

As I'm still riding on the Asian American identity theme for the past 3 of 4 weeks, I'm going to shift gears a little and update you on my August 10, 2012 entry, The Hapa Project.

Continuing through October 28, 2018 at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles is the exhibition " - 15 years of the hapa project".

Taken from the first paragraph from the exhibition page: The word “hapa” is the Hawaiian transliteration of the English word “half.” Much of its current usage derives from the phrase hapa haole, meaning “half white.” The phrase was originally coined by native Hawaiians to describe the mixed offspring resulting from encounters between islanders and White settlers. In subsequent years, hapa (or Hapa) has come into popular usage away from the islands, most frequently embraced by Asian/Pacific Islander Americans of mixed descent.

Some well known Hapa:

  • Oiympic swimmers Nathan Adrian, Natalie Coughlin and Jay Litherland
  • Actors Keanu Reeves, Chloe Bennett, Maggie Q, and Daniel Henney

For me, I need to make this as a must-see on my next visit to Los Angeles.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Crazy Rich Asians on Food and Family

source: Mother Jones
L to R: Michelle Yeoh, Henry Golding, Constance Wu, Ken Jeong, Awkwafina
Yesterday, I attended the early bird showing of "Crazy Rich Asians".
Love versus family with east versus west complications told in a fun yet very heartfelt way. With lots of eating in-between.

I'm ethnically biased, but it's the best movie I've seen this year.

From USA Today, here's the film's cast on their own experiences with food and family. Can't stress it enough. Especially if you or loved ones are Chinese. GO SEE THE MOVIE. And if you can, with a group of friends and/or family.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Nationwide PWBA Columbus Bowl - 2018 August 16-18

source: PWBA
With only 3 tournaments remaining for the 2018 PWBA season, the next tour stop is in Columbus, Ohio at Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl.

Bowl Fearless.

Bowlers featured in video in order of appearance:
Diana Zajvalova, Kelly Kulick, Daria Pajak, Stefanie Johnson, Liz Johnson, and the heavy favorite for Player of the Year, Shannon O'Keefe.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Crazy Rich Asians Film Premiere 2018.08.08

source: Amazon
novel by Kevin Kwan
In recognition of lucky 8 in Chinese numerology, the highly anticipated motion picture based on Kevin Kwan's best selling novel, Crazy Rich Asians will make its San Francisco debut in limited release on August 8, 2018.

I haven't read the novel but likely will see the film.

There have been some grumblings about casting Henry Golding, who is British Malaysian, in a Chinese role.

This isn't anything new.

Michelle Yeoh (Golding's mother in Crazy Rich Asians), Ziyi Zhang and Gong Li, who are all Chinese, were cast as Japanese in Memoirs of a Geisha

The late Miyoshi Umeki and James Shigeta, who are both ethnically Japanese, were cast as Chinese characters in Flower Drum Song. Tamlyn Tomita, ethnically Japanese, was cast as Chinese in The Joy Luck Club.

As we do every time we see a film, exercise your suspension of disbelief. Get an overpriced fat tub of popcorn lathered in real butter. Munch. Enjoy.