Sunday, November 11, 2018

Shannon O'Keefe - 2018 Qubica AMF Women's Champion

source: PWBA
Shannon O'Keefe
Big congratulations to McKendree Women's Bowling coach and 2018 PWBA Player of the Year Shannon O'Keefe on her exciting win over Malaysia's Sin Li Jane in the 2018 Qubica AMF World Cup held at Sam's Town in Las Vegas.

Without further ado, here's the semifinals and finals women's matches from

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Bowling Players Packing Review at

Come check out the review site. Included is my review of how I pack bowling equipment.

In awe that my review is featured alongside PBA legend Parker Bohn III.

Click here to read the review.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Dom Barrett - 2018 PBA US Open Champion

2018 PBA US Open Champion
Dom Barrett
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You'll notice bowling and San Francisco Giants are the biggest and darkest. It's no secret among professional bowlers, Danielle McEwan and Dom Barrett are my favorites.

So it was only fitting that this past Wednesday during league night, Dom Barrett climbed the stepladder as the 4th seed to win the 2018 PBA US Open.

Before league shadow practice started, I caught about the first 4 frames of Dom's match with Kris Prather live on CBS Sports. My first thought, wow, Dom's defeated Marshall and EJ.

Kris had a rather sizable lead over Dom. I figured then it'd be a Prather-Buttruff final, especially after the way both bowled all week. Our scoreboards came up and I had to go to my pair to start league for the night.

It wasn't until my last game my teammate Jason asked me if I wanted to know who won. I said yes. He showed the picture from his phone.

Dom's wearing a green jacket. WOW.

Fist pumps follow and cheers of yes! yes! yes!

Along with Liz Johnson's climb as the 5th seed in the 2017 PWBA US Open, the 33-year old native of England demonstrated poise, experience, grit, grind and determination to defeat 4 bowlers in their 20's (Kent, Tackett, and Prather are 26, Buttruff is 24).

I've already watched the match twice. I'll likely watch it again tonight. I watched his 2013 PBA World Championship match versus Sean Rash at least 6 times.

Congratulations Dom!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

ESPN's Basketball: A Love Story

source: ESPN
On September 25, ESPN2 aired the first 5 episodes of Basketball: A Love Story from Dan Klores. The full series is 10 episodes, 2 hours each.

From the ESPN Media Zone:
The unique format of “Basketball: A Love Story” gives ESPN the chance to offer it to viewers in a variety of ways. Beginning on Tuesday, September 18, all 62 short stories will be available on the ESPN App. The full film will air in a serialized format in primetime on ESPN over five Tuesdays: October 9, from 7-11 p.m., October 16, from 7-11 p.m., October 23, from 7-11 p.m., October 30, from 8 p.m-12 a.m., and November 13, from 8 p.m-12 a.m. (all times ET.) For a more binge-style experience, a special preview of the full film will be shown in two installments on ESPN2 on September 25 (9 p.m. – Episodes 1 through 5) and September 27 (9 p.m. – Episodes 6 through 10).

This is one of the most thoroughly told and entertaining documentaries on the game of basketball. Among my favorites: early 20th century stories of point shaving, player profiles of college and NBA stars in the 1960's and 70's. Very excited to see my big NBA crush Gail Goodrich interviewed from his UCLA and Los Angeles Lakers days. Another favorite was interviews from some of the greatest female players ever to play basketball: Nancy Lieberman, Cheryl Miller, Lynette Woodard, Ann Meyers, and Carol Blazejowski.

Here's a preview clip:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Baseball, Bowling, Betts in 2018

source: zimbio
Mookie Betts
The 2018 season cemented Boston Red Sox right fielder Mookie Betts as one of the best in Major League Baseball.

Batting average: .346 (1st)
Home runs: 32
Stolen bases: 30

Betts and teammate J.D. Martinez are heavy favorites to win the league's MVP.

Mookie is also an elite level bowler. PBA Commissioner Tom Clark invited him to participate in the 2015 World Series of Bowling (see October 11, 2015 blog entry). Due to injury in 2016, he did not bowl.

Before the 2018 baseball season began, Mookie participated in the 2017 World Series of Bowling at National Bowling Stadium in Reno. On November 12, 2017, Mookie bowled a perfect 300 game in the PBA Scorpion Championship.

Dude's got game. Nike needs to come out with a reboot of the "Bo Knows" commercials with Mr. Betts.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Whitehall-Yearling High School - 40th Reunion, Class of 1978

Senior Photo/Reunion Badge
Last weekend I took Thursday and Friday off to attend my 40th high school reunion (see April 8, 2018 entry).

On previous reunions, I usually take an early flight on Friday, arrive early evening, have dinner with Cindy, attend the reunion on Saturday and fly back Sunday morning.

This flight for this reunion was different. For the first time EVER, I flew direct. Southwest Airlines now has a single daily non-stop from Oakland to Columbus (John Glenn International). It's about a 4 to 4.5 hour flight.

Man, what a difference. I saved so much in travel time and the drudgery of catching a connecting flight. I now can consider making weekend trips without feeling like all my time's been sapped traveling.

As the last 3 reunions have been, it was loads of fun. It was expanded to 3 events: Friday school tour, Saturday banquet, and Sunday brunch. Most attendees participated in 1 or 2 events. I attended all 3.

After the Friday tour to see the remodeled school, we met at Gatsby's in Gahanna for drinks (club sodas for me). Toward the end of the evening, we pushed picnic tables together for a high school-like girls only chat. On Saturday, I took selfies with many classmates, participated in a very fun, hammy sing along/karaoke to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, and had a few very meaningful conversations with others I've known since elementary school.

My most favorite part of the weekend was to see classmates that had not attended previous reunions connect as Facebook friends. There were at least 5 to 6 classmates that had 5 or more new friends by the end of the weekend.

If you've never attended a high school reunion because it's too painful and/or you don't have fond memories, I respect your decision. I can't speak for everyone, but my experience has been if you get to a 30 year reunion, all the cliques are pretty much gone. Everyone will have experienced death, divorce, illness, or some other kind of life changing event.

We are now on common ground on an even playing field. We share life experiences which connect us to our past and present. We reflect and look forward to seeing everyone again at the next reunion.

If you're interested in reading my blog entries from previous reunions, click here.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

San Francisco USBC Board Member

source: SFUSBC
On my way to Wednesday night league last summer, I was unloading my bowling equipment from my car when the current president of San Francisco's USBC approached me.

She told me my comments at a previous meeting open to league bowlers impressed her. She asked if I'd be interested in becoming a board member.

Surprised, honored and flattered I accepted. Due to a schedule conflict, I didn't become a board member right away. Meetings were taking place Wednesday nights, the same nights I bowl league.

This past November that changed. Meetings were moved to Sunday mornings. Perfect day and time as I'm already at the center for practice every week. Our most recent board meeting took place this morning.

In my capacity as a San Francisco USBC board member, some duties include:

  • Lane inspection/certification
  • Fund raisers 
  • Local tournaments
  • Management of sanctioned leagues at Classic (Daly City), Sea (Pacifica), Brentwood (South San Francisco), and Presidio (San Francisco).
As the 2018-19 season has officially started, I attended 3 league meetings last week (including my own) to introduce myself and briefly describe San Francisco USBC's role and upcoming events.

Being a board member requires time, dedication, and passion combined with a strong grasp of diplomacy. Not all that different than a full-time job. I find both roles very fulfilling and hope that I'll continue in both roles for a long time.